Meet your Trustees

From 2018, SPPA will be a registered charity, and will be managed by an elected Board of Trustees. In order to ensure we meet the needs of our membership before this, we recruited a full Board at our AGM in October 2017. Our Board of Trustees is made up of 7 members from a variety of backgrounds, and works to ensure any decision made for SPPA is in the interest of our membership.



PROFESSOR CLAIRE CAMERON is Professor of Social Pedagogy at the Centre for Understanding of Social Pedagogy, Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, University College London. Claire began her career in residential care and, after qualifying as a social worker in 1987, in social work until 1992. Since then she has been a researcher specialising in studies of the children’s workforce, early childhood care and education, looked after children and young people, care leavers.

She is particularly interested in the intersection of care and education and in the education of children in care and care leavers. Much of her work is cross-national and has a long standing interest in social pedagogy. She has been involved in studies of the potential for and impact of social pedagogy in the UK since 2000, and ran the Care Matters government funded pilot programme exploring social pedagogy in residential care. She developed and led the first UK MA Social Pedagogy and supervises PhD students in the field of social pedagogy. She co-edited (with Peter Moss) Social Pedagogy and Working with Children and Young People: Where Care and Education Meet  (2011, JKP), one of the first English language volumes introducing social pedagogy.  She is now project manager of the Scaling up Social Pedagogy project behind SPPA and the emergent social pedagogy qualifications.


HELEN JONES OBE (Chairperson) 

HELEN JONES OBE has a background in social work with children and families including the management of family placement services and policy development and implementation in local government services as well as social work teaching and training. She has worked for the Social Services Inspectorate and the Department for Education  (DFE) as a professional advisor developing and managing policy for children in care and children on the edge of care focusing on quality improvement in these services.

Helen has a particular interest in evidence-based interventions and understanding cost effectiveness and led a range of initiatives and programmes to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and ensure the effective implementation of change and a number of pieces of scoping and piloting work related to social pedagogy in England were commissioned by DfE, including a pilot in residential care. As part of international charity consultancy teams she has extensive experience of developing family based care in countries around the world. Helen is now a national and international consultant on children’s services.


ROBERT KOGLEK (Secretary) 

ROBERT KOGLEK has a Diploma in Social Pedagogy/Social Work from Germany, and Master’s degrees in Social Work, and Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development. Since moving to the UK in 2009, he has been actively involved in the promotion and implementation of social pedagogy in the social care sector. He has over 20 years’ experience working as a social pedagogue.

Most recently, he has been appointed Head of Corporate Parenting, overseeing the Looked after Children, Leaving Care and Fostering Service. He has continued to implement social pedagogic through training, recruitment and commissioning of services that benefit children and families.


TANYA ALDER (Treasurer) 

TANYA ALDER is a semi-retired accountant and foster carer. She trained as a Certified Accountant in the 60s and 70s, and for a number of years, worked for a variety of companies and sectors. She has been the Treasurer of the Staffordshire Foster Carers Association (SFCA) since it was formed, and has experience of management accounts, control accounts, budgeting, costing and completion of VAT returns – ensuring that monies owed to a company were recovered which gave her experience of using legal frameworks.

In line with Staffordshire’s commitment to pedagogy, Tanya is a part of the team training other carers and social workers in the pedagogy doctrine.


ROBYN KEMP (Marketing Communications and Public Relations) 

ROBYN KEMP has a Diploma in Social Work and an MA in social pedagogy from the Institute of Education at UCL. She has worked in social care since the 1980s, having since worked in a variety of management and senior managerial positions since qualifying as a social worked in 1995. For the past decade, she has worked as a consultant and facilitator in social pedagogy in practice and leadership.

Until recently, Robyn was the Director of the Centre for Social Work Practice (CfSWP), where she was responsible for operations, strategy and business development, HR, finance, marketing and communications, policy and more. Robyn also volunteers with the Legal Action for Women supporting women to challenge negative and often permanently damning and harmful court judgements affecting women and children



MÉLISSA DESVIGNES graduated with a Diploma in Social Pedagogy. She has worked in a variety of roles in a range of fields.  Melissa has experience of social pedagogy in number of different environments, from nurseries to adults and the promotion of inclusion has been a key concern throughout her career.

Mélissa is currently a Social Pedagogue at Surrey County Council.



SIMON JOHR qualified as a social pedagogue in 2009, and worked with adults with autism in Washington DC, before completing his Master’s degree in Intercultural Conflict Management in 2012. For the past 5 years, he has worked at the Fostering Service of Staffordshire County Council, recruited to practice as part of the Head, Heart, and Hands programme. Last year, he moved to the recruitment and training team, currently working on the wider implementation of the approach in the Council.



Patricia Walls graduated from Paisley College of Technology in 1980. She then completed her social work training at Dundee University and worked within Tayside until 1995. During that time, she gained her Award in Internal Verification, Practice Teaching and the Advanced Diploma in Social Work (Child Protection Studies). She has had the opportunity to work as a practitioner, trainer and manager in the voluntary and statutory sectors both in day, residential and across age ranges in Education and Social Care Sectors. Within these roles Patricia has continued to practice teach and complete foster care assessments.

Her current role within learning and development, as social pedagogy manager, supports the embedding of the latter in practice and continuous professional development for the workforce and connections to the wider national context.