Today SPPA needs you!


SPPA was founded in 2016 to be the professional home of social pedagogy in the UK. It built on research and practice interest across children’s social care, work with adults with disabilities and older people. SPPA holds both the quality assurance measures that ensure good practice in training and offers continuous professional development and networking […]

Surrey County Council trials SPPA audit tool


Surrey County Council trialled the SPPA Audit Tool in one of their Residential Children’s Homes that already advocates the benefits of Social Pedagogy. Initially it was assumed that the tool would act as validation of the work and processes already in place – instead what was found was a reflective and self-challenging tool that has meant […]

How is social pedagogy valued in our home?


How is social pedagogy valued in our home? A brief reflection – Hannah Severn (Assistant Manager and SPPA trustee) When Fallon, a friendly Cockapoo came to visit our local authority children’s home, we saw a new side to one of our children. They adopted a caring and protective role we had not seen before. They […]

Dreaming of New Horizons: Unaccompanied Children and the Common Third


By Jameel Hadi   Every child is an explorer, blessed with the urge to wanderlust. Show the child various ways of navigation, weather-sense, boat-building and sailing. Help the child build a small shipping vessel and test it together to the open sea. Teach him how to fish. Now, let the shipping vessel start its journey […]

UCLan BA Social Pedagogy, Advocacy and Participation trip to Berlin


As the saying goes ‘travel broadens the mind’ and the opportunity for students to go on overseas trips is a good way of helping with this.  Here at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) we recognise the value for us all in being able to visit social pedagogical projects outside of the UK and the […]

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