SPPA and St Christopher’s Fellowship held a joint seminar, ‘Social Pedagogy: A positive response to wellbeing’ as part of a campaign to address problems of low levels of wellbeing. It was held on Monday 22nd of October 2018 at UCL Institute of Education, UCL.

The event, chaired by SPPA trustee Robyn Kemp, attracted over 20 attendees. Pat Petrie discussed her paper on ‘Social Pedagogy as a Resource for Government Policy’. This was followed by 10 minute presentations from our speakers. Dr Praveetha Patalay, Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Education and UCL Faculty of Population Sciences, UCL discussed the mental health and wellbeing findings of the Millennium Cohort Study. Nicola Boyce, Social Pedagogy Trainer at St Christopher’s Fellowship gave examples on their social pedagogic approach for the wellbeing of young people in social care. Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Civil Society Lead at What Works Centre for Wellbeing shared how wellbeing is measured. Pat Petrie, Emeritus Professor at Thomas Coram Research Unit at UCL Institute of Education, UCL discussed the Leicester Ageing Together project she’s involved in which adapts a social pedagogy approach for older people. Finally, Claire Cameron, Social Pedagogy Professor at Thomas Coram Research Unit at UCL Institute of Education, UCL talked about the impact of social pedagogy on the workforce.

The audience was then split into two groups for discussions: one group on wellbeing of children and young people, and another on wellbeing of adults and the workforce. There was a brief panel Q&A, and then networking and drinks to close the day.

As part of this campaign, there will be a parliamentary reception on 20th November 2018 at the House of Commons in Westminster.