We currently offer a group discount where five people can join as full members for the price of four. You pay £280 instead of £350, giving you a saving of £70. Your membership benefits is the same as signing up as an individual member. Everyone in the group signs up as an individual member of SPPA with their own personal details (for a cheaper total price). Each member will have their own log-in details and unique SPPA identification number.

**Please note that this is a pricing discount and is not the same as an organisational membership.

How to register for a full membership with group discount

To register as a Full Member with group discount, follow the steps below:

1. Choose the ‘Group discount’ option on the SPPA membership registration page.

2. The first person in the group to register will go through the payment link to purchase the group discount.

(Note: It’s important to note that if you are more than a group of five, say there’s six of you, one of you will need to sign up separately using the individual membership link as the code automatically generated is limited to four people only and won’t work once all four people have used it. If you want to purchase more than one group discount because there’s 10 of you, you’ll need two people to register for the group discount so that you will get discount codes for two groups of 5)

3. Once the SPPA Team has verified your membership, you will get an automated email containing the group discount code which the other four people in the group can use.

4. The four other people in the group will need to individually register their details using the form in the ‘Group membership’ tab, but this time ticking the option where it says ‘I have already received a group membership code and do not need to purchase membership’. Each person will need to enter the code and the email address of the person who purchased the group discount.

5. Individually check your details and click ‘register’ at the end of the form.

6. You are now individually registered as members of SPPA.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to email us at info@sppa-uk.org.

Register for SPPA full membership with group discount