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Behaviour management or behaviour support? Exploring the threshold concepts of developing environments and relationships based on support (not control)

The notion that reward and punishment is the best way of bringing up and educating children denies the vast array of strong evidence to the contrary and concerns us greatly at SPPA. The English Education Minister, Gavin Williamson, has been calling for greater control and discipline of children and young people returning to the classroom, despite there being no evidence that the pandemic has brought on more unruly behaviour than usual, and masses of evidence that children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing needs more attention now than before.

We are delighted to announce our webinar on 23rd April at 12-1.30 pm with stimulating contributions from Dr Laura Steckley, University of Strathclyde on threshold concepts, Simon Johr, Coventry Social Services on transforming behaviour support guidance and practice in the fostering service, and Joe Gibb, Compass CFS Scotland on supporting children’s pro-social behaviour in residential childcare. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session and then time for small groups of participants to discuss the content and how they might use the learning in their settings.

Do join us for this stimulating and invigorating interactive webinar.

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12:00 - 13:30