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Webinar series: PE and Social Pedagogy Around the World - Webinar 3. Social Pedagogy and PE: Using Games

Webinar 3. Social Pedagogy and PE: Using Games

Based on the principles of game-based pedagogies, the goal of Webinar 3 is to introduce games as vehicles for social adaptation and/or integration of children and youth through PE activities.

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Dr. Kanae Haneishi, Ed.D

Kanae is an Associate Professor at Western Colorado University in the U.S. Before transitioning into academia in higher education, she served as a head women’s soccer coach at the intercollegiate level and taught physical education for 13 years. Her teaching/coaching and research interest has been focused on promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion through instructional strategies in physical education and sports coaching.

Linda L. Griffin, PhD

Linda is a professor of sports pedagogy in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her area of research and scholarly interests over the past 30 years have focused on a games-centred approach to teaching and learning sport-related games. A Linda has received several awards and honors most recently, the AIESEP International Teaching Games for Understanding: Special Interest Group Len Almon Scholar Lecture Award, 2023

Mr. Teng Tse Sheng, M.Ed

Teng Tse Sheng is a Master Teacher with the Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA) in Singapore. PESTA is part of the Ministry of Education that looks after the Professional Development of Physical Education (PE) Teachers. He currently serves as the Singapore representative for the International Advisory Board for Teaching Games for Understanding Special Interest Group.

Dr. Korey Boyd

Korey Boyd is an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Education, Performance, and Sport Leadership at Springfield College. His primary role at Springfield College is teaching Secondary method undergraduate and graduate courses in the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) initial leisure program. His philosophy of PETE follows similar logic and produces the axiom: produce better thinkers, not better thinking.

Dr. Bruce Nkala, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Nkala is currently an Athletic Director at Sandy Spring Friends School, MD. A graduate of the University of Botswana (2015), his Doctorate focused on the development of TGfU Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) and Content Knowledge (CK) in Botswana Teachers and Students respectively. Dr. Nkala has used various GBA pedagogical principles to explore using games as a vehicle to intentionally teach JEDI to students while honoring the integrity of the game objectives.

Dr. Mauro Andre, Ph.D.

Mauro is an Assistant Professor at Western Michigan University (USA). Mauro has a multi-cultural formation and experience having worked and studied in Brazil, Canada, UK and the USA with a teaching experience of over 20 years that includes both K-12 teaching as well as higher education. He particularly specializes in Student-Designed Games (SDG), a teaching methodology that promotes students’ ideas and interests while supporting their collaborative process of game design.

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