Evaluations of social pedagogy 

We are recording examples of evaluations of social pedagogy developments evidencing the potential and actual benefits of social pedagogy when introduced to services. This list will be updated as and when new resources are available. Please let us know if you know of any evaluations that should be listed here.

Independent Evaluations

Local Authorities

Social Pedagogy: A scoping project for Derbyshire County Council

Foster Care

Exploring the costs of Head, Heart, Hands and informing debates about sustainability o
f the programme and the potential costs avoided as a result of Head, Heart, Hands

Evaluation of the Head, Heart, Hands: Introducing social pedagogy to UK foster care

Residential Child Care

Social pedagogy and inter-professional practice: evaluation of Orkney Islands training programme

Introducing social pedagogy into Scottish residential child care: an evaluation of the Sycamore Services social pedagogy training programme


Social Pedagogy in the UK today: Findings from evaluations of training and development initiatives

A study on the understanding of social pedagogy and its potential implications for youth work practice and training

Ofsted Evaluations
Local Authorities
Residential Child Care