SPPA supports its membership in starting their own Special Interest Groups, or SIGs. These are self-organised groups that take forward learning and developments that uphold values and principles outlined in the SPPA charter.

Our SIGs allow members to:

  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded people
  • Access opportunities and a higher profile that might otherwise be unavailable outside of SPPA
  • Benefit from support from SPPA, including space at our annual conference, the opportunity to present in webinars or host events.

Find out more about the SIGs we currently support and how you can get involved:

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Special Interest Group: Learning
Led by Cecile Remy

This is a group for anyone with an interest in theoretical approaches to learning and the ways in which they relate to practical dilemmas practitioners encounter in practice. The SIG meets online every 3-months to share practical experience of learning. Its members include foster carers, students and members of local authorities.

On 19th July 2018, the SIG was joined by Zoe Redhead (Summerhill School, Kevin Avison (Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship) and Basia Vucic (International Korczak Association and PhD student) to hear about alternative approaches to learning. You can view the recorded session here.

Special Interest Group: Creativity
Led by SPPA

This is a group for anyone with an interest in the use of arts and creativity in theory or in practice.The SIG is currently considering the possibility of hosting an arts showcase to share the benefits of using creativity to establish relationships in practice. The SIG currently meets online once every 2-months. Its members include foster carers, students, and members of local authorities.

Special Interest Group: Older People
Led by Rob Hunter

This is a group for anyone with an interest in a social pedagogical approach to work with older people. The SIG has recently led a social pedagogy training day for social workers that work with older people. The SIG currently meets informally. It is collaborating with Leicester Ageing Together, and the Workers Educational Association to promote social pedagogy.

Special Interest Group: Social Pedagogy, Association and Participation
Led by Jameel Hadi, Thure Johansen

This is a group for anyone with an interest in the use of activities and a social pedagogic approach to association and inclusion. The SIG is currently establishing its terms of reference. The SIG is currently meeting online monthly. Its members include foster carers, students, academics and charity leaders.

Join or start a SPPA Special Interest Group

As a SPPA member, you’re actively encouraged to start or join a Special Interest Group (SIG).

Each SIG is encouraged to have an annual plan of activities that they define as important for them. This might include, for example, defining their specialist area from a social pedagogical perspective, collation of resources for the SPPA website, planning and carrying out jointly formulated research or development projects, reading group that produces book reviews, setting up debates on particular issues, running focused learning days, developing training etc. They report this programme to SPPA Trustees annual and will publish this on the website so other members can stay engaged.

If you are interested in joining a SIG, or would like support from the SPPA team to start your own, email sppa@ucl.ac.uk.