Our Charter brings together our values and aspirations in a single, accessible document, which can serve to remind us of what we have agreed to commit to as Social Pedagogues, Social Pedagogy Practitioners or SPPA members.

The Charter can be used as a way of introducing newcomers to our profession and as the basis for continuing inquiry into our values and beliefs. The statements that follow will be a reference point for all practitioners in the field and apply to working with individuals, families, groups and communities within their social-political contexts. The charter will be reviewed on a regular basis.

  1. We consider ethics and social justice to be the foundation for practice
  2. We believe in the importance of engaging with others and the world of which we are a part in ways that are congruent with our values and beliefs (Haltung) and informed by theory
  3. We value the capacity of all to foster compassion, community, love, care and empathy
  4. We believe in walking alongside others, recognising their uniqueness and, with them, co-creating meaning and purpose
  5. We understand the value of our participation in everyday activities as a basis for creating human connection, enhancing a person’s sense of well-being and quality of life
  6. We endeavour to develop authentic and reliable relationships
  7. We believe in relationship-centred practice that recognises and engages with the whole person and the networks, systems and communities that impact upon their lives
  8. We value creative and playful approaches to lifelong learning that are theoretically informed, risk sensible and draw on people’s potential
  9. We value professional curiosity in our work with every individual, group and family
  10. We use theory, critical reflection and self-awareness to inform practice
  11. We value team work, mutual aid and collaboration with others
  12. We strive to bring about positive change for individuals, groups and families and communities, built on an understanding that practice is affected by political, social and cultural contexts as well as by individual differences
  13. We believe in the social and political agency of individuals and groups to make significant choices about their lives and to contribute to their community

This is the value base that informs Social Pedagogy practice in the UK.

Download an e-copy of the Social Pedagogy Charter (pdf).