Self-evaluation form

The Social Pedagogy Professional Association is the professional home and centre of excellence for social pedagogy, its theory and practice. We hold the Standards for Occupational Proficiency (SOPs), and Standards of Education and Training (SETs) in social pedagogy.

As part of this, we maintain a register of learning programmes (short courses, NVQs, University degrees) which demonstrate that they offer high quality learning in social pedagogy.

These learning programmes fall into three distinct categories that relate to the use of the titles: Social Pedagogue or Social Pedagogy Practitioner.

  1. Category 1 programmes are Bachelors (level 6) or Masters (level 7) degree in Social Pedagogy which afford the learner the title of Social Pedagogue on completion.
  2. Category 2 programmes are a lower level qualification, which have a minimum of 400 learning hours and may be at level 3, level 4 or level 5. On completion of a category 2 programme, learners are afforded the title of Social Pedagogy Practitioner.
  3. Category 3 programmes are those courses that are assessed below level 3 (or represent less than 400 learning hours) and does not confer either of the above titles.

Any organisation wishing to have their learning programme approved by SPPA will need to ensure that it meets our SETs, and in the case of Category 1 and 2 learning programmes, equips learners to meet the Standards of Proficiency in social pedagogy.

SPPA endorsement costs £150 in the first instance and £75 for renewal. Each endorsement will last for 2 years from the date of confirmation.

Please complete the below form if you wish to apply for SPPA endorsement of your learning programme. SPPA endorsement of your learning programme means that you can advertise your course as being endorsed by SPPA, using our logo on your marketing materials.

You can download the self-assessment form here. Once complete, please return it to where it will be reviewed and returned within 5 working days.