SPPA endorsement 

The Social Pedagogy Professional Association is the professional home and centre of excellence for social pedagogy, its theory and practice. We hold the Standards for Occupational Proficiency (SOPs), and Standards of Education and Training (SETs) in social pedagogy. As part of this, we endorse and maintain a register of learning programmes (short courses, NVQs, University degrees) that demonstrate that they offer high-quality learning in social pedagogy. These learning programmes fall into three distinct categories related to the use of the titles: Social Pedagogue or Social Pedagogy Practitioner.

  1. Category 1 programmes are Bachelors (level 6) or Masters (level 7) degrees in Social Pedagogy which have a minimum of 1400 practice learning hours and will afford the learner the title of Social Pedagogue upon completion.
  2. Category 2 programmes are a mid-level qualifications which have a minimum of 300 practice learning hours and might be at levels 3, 4, 5 or 6. Upon completion of a category 2 programme, learners are afforded the title of Social Pedagogy Practitioner.
  3. Category 3 programmes are courses assessed below level 3 and less than 400 practice learning hours, therefore, do not confer either of the above titles.

Any organisation wishing to have its learning programme endorsed by SPPA will need to demonstrate how it meets the SETs and SOP’s and how it covers the practice learning hours stated. 

Why get your course endorsed by SPPA?

Earning SPPA endorsement means that after a careful review, SPPA publicly acknowledges that a programme or course meets the standards and criteria for delivering high-quality courses that align with the principles of social pedagogy, the SETs or SOPs. Depending on the category, learners from the endorsed programmes will be able to use the title of Social Pedagogue or Social Pedagogy Practitioner.

All endorsed courses will be added to our official Register of Endorsed Programmes; the programmes officially endorsed by SPPA can use our endorsed logo and we, SPPA will advertise the programme on our website and social media.

Obtaining SPPA endorsement will help your course and your students gain professional recognition within the growing social pedagogy community in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

“Since professionalising our Working with Children & Young People course with the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA), our graduate outcomes have doubled, and our international recruitment has more than tripled. Our students are equipped for the workplace and proudly use their Social Pedagogy Practitioner title on their CV and at interview. They are able to articulate how they work with people and why. Social care in its broadest sense is no longer the poor relation in the helping professions – UK Social Pedagogy is giving it a leading light”

          – Yvalia Febrer, course leader of the BA Working with Children & Young People: Social Pedagogy at Kingston University


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