Getting your programme endorsed by SPPA

SPPA has 3 different endorsement categories that are defined in function of the qualification level of the programme, the number of practice learning (PL) hours offered*, and how the programme meets the Standards of Education and Training (SETs) and the Standards for Occupational Proficiency (SOPs) in Social Pedagogy.


SPPA does not prescribe the distribution of practice learning hours across levels, however it is expected that the number of practice learning hours increases with each level.

*1,400 PL hours = 200 PL days

What type of endorsement can I apply for?


*From 20th September 2023 the practice learning hours required to get endorsed at Category 2 have been amended from 400 to 300.

*The number of staff required to be SPPA members in order to get a program endorsed has also been modified and now is related to the number of teaching staff. Please refer to the latest version of the endorsement application form below.

Steps to get a programme endorsed by SPPA

1. The first step to applying for SPPA endorsement is to fill in a self-evaluation form:

*The latest and current version of the endorsement application is the one published in September 2023, please make sure you have this version before completing the application.

2. Once complete, return it to

3. Your application will be reviewed and confirmation will be sent in writing within 3 months

4. Pay the administrative fee (once we approve your application we will send you an invoice)

Additional documents:

You might find it useful to read the following documents before submitting your application:


From October 2022 SPPA endorsement costs £200 in the first instance and £95 for renewal. Each endorsement will last for 2 years from the date of confirmation.

Please note that SPPA endorses learning programmes not individual people. SPPA is not a registering body, therefore we cannot  process applications for equivalence of studies or recognition to work in the UK or Ireland. To find out more about academic recognition please visit the ENIC-NARIC website. 

If you have any questions or wish more information about how to get your programme endorsed, please contact us at