Social Pedagogy in the German tradition – key elements and current challenges

Prof. Christian Spatscheck

This is a video of a keynote lecture given for the webinar Social Pedagogy and Spatial approaches in Germany and England: Concepts and Practice, that took place on April 3rd 2020. This presentation is divided into two parts. It starts with an overview of the main concepts from the discourse on social pedagogy in the German tradition. In this background, a special focus is laid on the Spatial Approach to Social Pedagogy and its implications for research and practice. The presentation also includes elements to compare the different conceptual traditions and experiences in Germany and England.

First Part

Second part

*To view the complete recording of the webinar please click here.

Introduction to social pedagogy

Are you new to social pedagogy, and keen to learn more? Get to grips with some of the key theories and concepts behind social pedagogy in a 6-part series of video clips. Here, Professor Pat Petrie from the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) of the UCL Institute of Education introduces social pedagogy.

Pt 1. What is Social Pedagogy?

Pt 2. Who are Social Pedagogues?

Pt 3. Communication and Relationships

Pt 4. Creative Professionals: The Common Third and the 3 ‘Ps’

Pt 5. Head, Heart and Hands

Pt 6. Frequently Asked Questions

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