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SPDN 2024 online gathering: Most Significant Change: Storytelling in social pedagogical practice

Most Significant Change: Storytelling in Social Pedagogical Practice

Online event - 11 March 9.30-12.30 (UK time)

The importance of meaningfully gathering and exploring stories of change

Outcomes-focused evaluation has long been promoted - particularly in services and programmes focused on change and improvement. Gathering evidence of people’s outcomes is now a common-place requirement. However, measuring and gathering change outcomes in ways that are meaningful can be challenging. There is a growing recognition that people’s stories can be more powerful in learning-focussed evaluation. Most Significant Change is a storytelling approach to gathering and exploring change outcomes that was developed in the context of public health and community development (Davies and Dart 2005). It has been used successfully in a broad range of situations with individuals and communities to capture the impact of a change in their lives - from their perspective and in a way that enables their views to be heard and explored further in dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

What this SPDN event will cover

Led by Nick Andrews, research and practice development officer at the Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice (DEEP) project, this free online workshop will introduce you to the essentials of Most Significant Change technique. It will outline the principles and practice of gathering MSC stories and exploring and learning from them in MSC story selection panels, with a range of examples that enable you to determine how you might integrate MSC in your own practice.


Event Details


09:30 - 12:30