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Webinar - Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy: a learner's perspective

Launched in February 2017, the Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy is now available for individual learners or commissioning organisations. Join our webinar to hear the experiences of the qualification from 3 learners from Surrey County Council.

As part of a wider project called 'Scaling Up Social Pedagogy', the Social Pedagogy Professional Association has supported two external training providers with the development of new qualifications in social pedagogy. The first qualification, a Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy was launched in early 2017 and has since seen over 30 learners enroll. 

This webinar will see 3 enrolled learners from Surrey County Council talk about their experience on the Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy - sharing things they've learned, things they've enjoyed, and ways in which it's impacted their practice. There will be a Q&A opportunity for you to find out whether enrolling in the Level 3 Diploma is for you. 

Event Details

14/03/2018 - 15/03/2018

12:30 - 13:30

Online webinar

Free / open to all
This webinar will be recorded, but only SPPA members will have access to the recording.