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An Introduction to Social Pedagogy: Salford Meeting

The session is being organised by the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA) and is free to attend. Hosted at the Langworthy Cornerstone Association in Salford, the meeting will be a chance to meet other individuals and organisations and gain some training in social pedagogy. 

Current public policy in the UK envisages new ways of practicing in care, health and education services for individuals, families and communities. But delivery often falls short of being transformational. Social pedagogy provides practitioners with the skills to help people feel empowered to decide what would help them make progress in their lives. It brings together vocational occupations and professions, and bridges the gaps between them by supporting the flexibility of workers moving between different types of children’s and adult’s sector work. It can provide a common core of knowledge and skills, and facilitate inter-professional work in integrated services.

This session will offer a creative, invigorating and refreshing experience of the potential of a relationship-based approach to working with people from across the life course. Attendees will be introduced to social pedagogy, which is a theoretical and practical approach to policy, practice, education and training. Participants will experience social pedagogy as a creative and practical profession to deliver improved outcomes and system change across children’s and adult’s sectors. It will showcase social pedagogy developments in the UK, including those in further and higher education and in relation to social work.


Jameel Hadi

Event Details


17:30 - 19:30

The Auditorium, Langworthy Cornerstone Association, 451 Liverpool Street, Salford, M6 5QQ

Free / open to all