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Social Pedagogy and Spatial Approaches in Germany and England: Concepts and Practice

This event seeks to draw together social pedagogy and spatial approaches from Germany and England in theory and practice.

Who is this event for?

It will be particularly relevant for students, practitioners and academics interested in Social Pedagogy, social work, foster care, young people care, participation and rights, but everyone wanting to know more about Social Pedagogy is also welcome!

What is it about?

The emphasis of the event will be on spatial approaches and its links to social pedagogy. There will be different interactive workshops in which the attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on their own practice and explore the links and divergences of Social Pedagogy in both countries and internationally. Please see the session description section to know more about each of the workshops. 

For this unique event, we are delighted to have Prof. Christian Spatscheck from Bremen City University as a special guest and Prof. David Shemmings, from the University of Kent chairing the plenary discussion.

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*It is not necessary to print your ticket, we will have an attendance list.  Please, note that the first session starts at 11:00 am, but we encourage you to arrive 30 minutes earlier to register.

Session descriptions


Prof. Christian Spatscheck
Thure Johansen
Cecile Remy
Natalie Jones
Shilpa Belliappa
Nicola Boyce
Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang

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10:45 - 15:30

UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way, London,

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