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Social Pedagogy in Practice - virtual event

We warmly invite you to join our next virtual Social Pedagogy in Practice event. To commemorate 2 years of our webinar series Exploring Social Pedagogy Concepts at Turbulent Times, continue the regular Social Pedagogy Development Network events, and extend the virtual learning and networking space to members of the new Global Alliance for Social Pedagogy and Social Education, we'll be hosting this special 2-hour session.

The event offers a forum for practitioners, students, service managers and academics alike to find out how organisations are developing social pedagogy in different practice contexts, to share ideas and to connect with other professionals who have a similar passion for relationship-centred practice. As with previous SPDN events, we aim to increase our collective understandings of social pedagogy in ways that are inspiring, practice-relevant and reflective of social pedagogical principles and values. We hope to stimulate reflection on how you can further develop your practice and thus make an even greater difference to the individuals, groups or communities you engage with.

Irrespective of whether you have been part of the UK-focussed Social Pedagogy Development Network, the new Global Alliance for Social Pedagogy and Social Education, or are connected in other ways, you're most welcome to take part! We hope that this session will offer you a real flavour of what social pedagogy looks like across different practice settings. For us it's about enabling a thousand flowers to bloom - so instead of the conformity of monocultures you'll get a flavour of the rich diversity in which social pedagogy can support relationship-centred practice.

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10:00 - 12:00