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Webinar series exploring social pedagogy concepts at turbulent times - Balancing values

Balancing Values

As social pedagogical practice requires us to be highly reflective of our values and how we bring these into our interactions, it’s important to have a conceptual framework for balancing values that might appear to be in conflict. The value squares (developed by Schulz von Thun) can guide us in achieving a greater sense of balance. Intrigued? Then join us for the discussion. 

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About the free webinar series

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started to cause huge upheavals in social care practice, we felt it was time to learn more about how a social pedagogical perspective could help practitioners navigate the uncharted territory they found themselves in. We wanted to offer a forum for dialogue and ideas about how to make sense of the uncertainties and unpredictabilities at these unprecedented times and how to keep connected to a deeper sense of moral purpose. Our webinar series ‘Exploring Social Pedagogy Concepts at Turbulent Times’ is the result of this ambition. Register now for free to join future sessions!

The series exploring social pedagogy concepts during turbulent times launched on 17th June as part of the International Online Conference with a webinar on the Common Third. Run by ThemPra in partnership with both the Social Pedagogy Association (US) and the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (UK), each webinar is free to attend and we’re keen for you to share any reflections, ideas and examples you have to offer. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to actively contribute to any of the upcoming webinars.

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10:00 - 11:00