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Webinar - Activities and inclusion: Rediscovering Association

This webinar will look at how involvements in leisure activities promote the strengths and collaboration of young people. This contrasts with partial and targeted approaches to participation that prioritise issues of voice over activity.  Social pedagogy can help validate many examples that exist within health, social care, children’s service and community sectors of using creative activities. In doing so it enables us to reconnect with the UK traditions based in association and social education.

Social pedagogy provides a philosophy that views participation more holistically. This integrates a value based approach based on inclusion, the resourcefulness of individuals and relationships as part of the ‘life world’.

The experience of Participation Through Sport (PTS 2003 to 2013) in developing a model of participation, that viewed young people as social actors, rather than ‘problems to be fixed’ will be shared. As will the example of Idraetsprojekt, a community sports organisation that applies the principles of the Common Third in seeking to connect ‘looked after children ‘with their wider peer group. It will be argued that learning from these approaches can help overcome youth divides and establish collaboration between individuals and communities.


Jameel Hadi
Caecilie Hansen

Event Details

17/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

12:30 - 13:30

Online webinar

Free / open to all
This webinar will be recorded, but only SPPA members will have access to the recording.