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by Cecile Remy

When young adulthood presents a double challenge: Mental illness, disconnected activities, and relational agency

– By Sofie Pedersen


May is here and we invite you to read the article of the month chosen by  Cecile Remy
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This article is part of the edited book: Supporting Difficult Transitions: Children, Young People and their Carers by Mariane Hedegaard & Anne Edwards
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Why did you choose this article Cecile?

The article shows how the thinking behind simple activities such as baking or going running can help to build bridges with people whose intentions can be hard to understand. The author focuses on people’s motivation and clarifies the work needed to share this common goal with a wider network. It’s about connecting in a meaningful way beyond labels and institutions.
Moreover, this article does something I’m always trying to do much better than I can ever hope for: it links theory and practice without jargon.
Sofie Pedersen thinks about her professional activities from a cultural-historical point of view. This way of thinking, which can be traced back to Vygotsky, changes and transforms her awareness of her work and the people she works with.

Cecile Remy, SPPA trustee