By Hannah  Severn, SPPA trustee 

March, 2020

It has been just over a year since Charlie the Pedagogy Pup (the Social  PedaDoggy may be a more fitting title since he is now the grand old age of 15 months) became a part of my life and just over a year since I became a SPPA trustee. These two events are fairly synonymous in my life and I figured I would take a moment to reflect on the impact this has had.

To be a dog owner is a labour of love

No-one tells you that in order to experience this unconditional love and companionship from your puppy (because lets be honest that’s why we decide to have one) you need to turn your whole life upside down. You really need to give so much more time than you thought you had to planning every event with your puppy in mind.

Spontaneity is a thing of the past: picking up poop is a twice (often more) daily occurrence; endlessly apologising to people who have had picnic sandwiches pinched; small children who have been startled off their trikes by an over excited puppy; and all those people who were ambushed by Charlie after he tried to ‘protect’ me from anyone wearing a cycle helmet!  And yet I do it without question, without regret and without doubt that my life is better for knowing and loving him.

To be a SPPA trustee is a labour of love too

It is a position that is unpaid; one that can need more of your time than you believe you can give. It is not always clear the impact you are having, at times it can feel like an overwhelming project. Yet, here SPPA still stands, with a dedicated team of people who are united in their passion for Pedagogy, their belief in the positive and meaningful impact that working with our values has on society as a whole, and commitment to seeing Social Pedagogy be considered with professionalism and sincerity.

So, when I remind myself of these things, I realise why I mange to find the extra hours in the day and I am proud to be a small part of the journey SPPA is experiencing. I am excited to see just what we can achieve together with our members to promote the importance of who we are.  So, without question, without regret and without doubt I endeavour to commit myself to SPPA as a dedicated member and trustee and know my life is better as a result.

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