We are inviting you to a free introductory event to social pedagogy, creativity and mentoring on Wednesday 5th December at Bath Spa University. The event will be delivered in partnership with the Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCCI)

Social pedagogy is a relationship-based field of practice in which social pedagogues work through ethical relationships, sharing activities, and enabling the people they work with to be the best versions of themselves. It uses education for social purposes in which education is understood in a wide sense, covering services that promote informal learning such as youth work, the arts and community settings for children or adults. Social pedagogy is also applicable in targeted interventions, such as residential child care and fostering, as well as to mainstream services, such as out-of-school clubs or early childhood education and care services where relationships are important to children’s development and people’s sense of wellbeing.

What can your expect?
Claire Cameron, Professor of Social Pedagogy at Thomas Coram Research Unit at UCL Institute of Education, UCL will give an introduction to social pedagogy and the Social Pedagogy Professional Association, the professional home for social pedagogy in the UK. Helen Chambers, Arts and Care Researcher and Trainer, will give an overview of how engaging with arts and culture can help build relationships between looked after children and the adults who care for them. She’ll invite colleagues to consider how artists and carers can work together to build understanding and support for children, young people and themselves. Jamie Luck (tbc), Director of Mentoring Plus will share how working with young people facing challenging circumstances and using volunteers from the community as mentors.

There will also be an opportunity to form a regional hub in the SouthWest to start a community interested in social pedagogy.

Who the event is for: The event is for academics and practitioners interested in social and educational policy, arts advocacy and practice in support of any aspect of social care or education with children and young people.

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We look forward to seeing you there!