This section we’ll be introducing a spotlight on our past and present Learners of Crossfields’ Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy. We will be given an insight into why and how social pedagogy has helped influenced the Learners in undertaking the Diploma qualification.


June 2017 Spotlight: Stuart Lindsell, Surrey County Council

In Surrey the anticipation is growing. The brand new Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Social Pedagogy, offered by Jacaranda, is already in motion.

The keen students, of which I am one, have already attended the ‘Head, Hands and Hearts’ Course led by The Fostering Network and delivered by partners Jacaranda, ThemPra and Professor Pat Petrie, or have successfully completed Surrey’s own Foundations courses and 5 day Comprehensive Core course. Now we are getting prepared for a further 2 days of training in July to refresh our learning so far and also to discover some new subjects not previously covered.

On 30th March the potential students, a blend of residential and foster carers, social workers and managers and supported lodgings carers, met together for a Q & A session. What was the diploma all about? How much time would be involved? What adjustments can be made to support me because I have dyslexia? Lots of helpful answers and it was also a day for considering if we want to sign up. The sense of excitement but also nervousness about the journey ahead was obvious. In social pedagogical terms we knew the journey would involve “safe uncertainty”. However there was the re-assurance of support from Jacaranda and a sense that this was a journey we were embarking on together. The qualification we are aiming for will benefit not only those under our professional care but it will greatly add to our own personal confidence, team work, and life-long learning. Our experience so far has shown us that these are benefits.

At the beginning of June we took another step forward when we registered for Moodle, our virtual learning platform. Jacaranda have provided a great resource for us. It includes, amongst many other creative tools, a learner handbook with handy tips; a learner plan to make sure we keep on track; loads of resources, book lists and references and a place for live chat with other learners.

And so with March 2018 as our target to receive our certificates and celebrate, we have set out on the road of further discovery. Lots of deadlines before then, when assignments have to be submitted but all different; from scrapbooks of personal reflections to case studies; from videos to written assessments and from critical group reflections to friendly letters to colleagues about the SPPA standards of proficiency.

Out of our comfort zone, over the edge and into the learning zone! Many of us feel ‘not sure I can do this’ which is how we know we are still learning and it’s going to be fun!