Kate McCoy is a participatory performance maker, trainer and facilitator who uses theatre to connect people and create playful safe spaces for exploration. She is the founder and artistic director of Small performance adventures, a company creating employment and development opportunities with and for people in recovery Their show “The Washing Up” created with artists and participants in addiction recovery used theatre, storytelling and songs to explore our common experiences through this every day act. It was premiered at Brighton Festival in 2018 and toured nationally in March 2019, alongside an engagement programme that saw community groups with experience of addiction, homelessness and sex work become part of the show. In 2020, small performance adventure’s Arts Council Funded project Terminal Uniqueness swiftly transformed itself from a workshop engagement programme working with ten artists and ten community groups into an online experience with a Facebook group, a set of artistic commissions for artists in recovery and being part of the undergraduate programme for students studying Applied Theatre at Manchester University.