Andy has worked as a Qualified Teacher and Social Worker with young people. He has extensive experience of working in a wide range of settings offering both formal and informal education to children and young people both in and on the edge of care. He’s worked for ThemPra since 2010, facilitating learning in a number of situations including large and small Local Authorities, Independent Children’s homes and Camphill Communities.

His career started in a special education unit in Cumbria where he saw and experienced the challenges for that group of young people within the formal education system and society. He then went on to work in a number of situations, always with a similar group of young people who offered many challenges to a traditional approach to care and education. As a response to this he adopted a social pedagogical approach to his work, which led to positive outcomes for the young people. Inspired by this, he then moved to work for ThemPra, where he is in a position to share this passion, knowledge and expertise with others.