I hold a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences with a specialization in Social Pedagogy, embodying my passion for transformative education. With a global perspective, I’ve engaged in impactful initiatives, steering projects across diverse developing nations (Mozambique, Guinee-Bissau, East Timor, Zambia), although I am from Portugal, where I am currently working. My focus lies in capacitating local actors, and fostering community empowerment through innovative educational strategies. Having worked in various countries, I bring a unique cross-cultural understanding to my endeavours, aiming to bridge educational gaps and drive sustainable change. My commitment to empowering communities through education remains unwavering, reflecting a dedication to shaping inclusive and impactful learning environments worldwide.

Even if the work I have developed is based on and is reflected in a socio-pedagogical perspective, in the contexts where I have acted Social Pedagogy is not known as a science. Thus, I consider that there is a gap that can be filled, with the systematization of socio-pedagogical approaches in community development. Social pedagogy, as a matrix knowledge of socio-pedagogical intervention, may have and must have a meaningful role in the systematization of these approaches.