Helen Chambers has an MSc in Health Promotion and worked in a variety of roles developing and managing national programmes to promote the health and well-being of looked after children. Latterly much of Helen’s has work focused on arts and culture in the lives of children and young people, especially those in care. Whilst working for National Children’s Bureau, Helen linked extensively with Institute of Education to investigate how arts and creative practice can enrich the lives of children and carers within social pedagogic practice. With Professor Pat Petrie she developed “The artist pedagogue learning framework”, working with artists, care staff and children. Helen’s publications and training materials include “Healthy Care” publications, “People with Passion: embedding creativity in the lives of looked after children”, and co-author of “Richer Lives: creative activities in the education and practice of Danish social pedagogues”. She is passionate about the value of the arts and culture in everyday life, and for the contribution of social pedagogic care practice to enable this through partnership working and training of arts and care staff.