Robyn started working in children’s social care in the 1980s, qualified as a social worker in the 1990s, came to social pedagogy in the 2000s, and attained a U.K. master’s degree (distinction) in social pedagogy in 2011. She has experience in a variety of practice, management and academic positions over her career, specialising in children in and on the edge of care. For the past 15 years she has worked as a consultant and facilitator in social pedagogy in practice and leadership and organisational development, also acting as a reflection facilitator and partner for individuals and groups. She has written a number of articles and papers on social pedagogy and on children in and on the edges of care.

As social pedagogy is her raison d’etre, her garden, and her song Robyn became a trustee and member of SPPA from its inception and took over the role of chair shortly before the pandemic. The science, art and craft of social pedagogy are what has kept her going through difficult times, along with developing relationships with a wide range of experts by experience, carers, practitioners, professionals and sector leaders, believing strongly that empowering relationships are the catalysts for change, and that social pedagogy is the best way to support this way of working and caring.