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Social Pedagogy Development Network - mini-events

We warmly invite you to join one of our newly reimagined in-person Social Pedagogy Development Network mini-events. This year, instead of organising one large central event, we’re holding several small events, all happening at the same time and in various locations, all inter-connected via video link and social media. We hope that, no matter where you live, you’ll thus be able to join an in-person event near you - or even put one on yourself, with our virtual support!

What will happen at the event(s)?

One of the most foundational tenets of social pedagogy is that every single person is intrinsically rich and resourceful. Everybody, no matter their age, has the potential to thrive if we can create enabling conditions. However, many of us work within organisational and societal contexts that restrict these enabling conditions. So how can we bring the notion of the rich child/young person/adult to life in our practice? Exploring responses to this question will be the main focus of an engaging, fun and creative session!

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Event Details


10:00 - 12:30