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SP Practice Oasis: Session 1

In response to our members' wishes, SPPA is pleased to announce a series of interactive online sessions to help rehydrate and invigorate your practice. 

When we feel consumed by the day-to-day difficulties it can be hard to keep connected to why we do what we do. When we keep plodding on without a break, or refreshments we can soon feel depleted. The SPPA Practice Oasis is a space to refresh and hydrate, that aims to feed hearts and minds and spark your own thoughts and ideas. Come join us! 

We believe social pedagogy has so much to offer and in this series, we invite people to share how they use the ethics, values, theories and concepts of social pedagogy in practice. 

We are proud to kick start these sessions with Bianka Lang, service manager of children’s services in Essex, social worker, social pedagogue and SPPA Trustee. Bianka will talk about how she uses social pedagogy in practice, the use of reflection and how we balance ‘safety’.

Register on Zoom here:

Keep an eye out for further announcements of autumn and winter sessions.

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13:00 - 14:00