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SPPA conference 2021

2020 has seen us all affected by social distance: physical, emotional, social and spiritual distance alike. This distance has been challenging, but has also birthed new ways for togetherness, and unearthed old senses of community. There have been collective and individual journeys, both trying and transformative, and the role of social pedagogy has never been more pertinent when geographical, demographic, socio-economic and political landscapes have become so evident in their force behind shaping these journeys.

SPPA has gathered a group of speakers from various disciplines and parts of the world to investigate social pedagogy’s role in the global and local navigation of this challenge, and from there, to think about its role in all journeys, from the everyday to the life-long.

This conference offers an exclusive opportunity to take stock, to reflect on our shared and individual journeys, and to look at how we have come together through social pedagogy and what its role is in the future.

We welcome you in shaping this conference with us!

Date and Venue

Our annual conference will take place on  September 9th, 2021

This year we will have our annual conference completely online for the first time! 


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Lotte Harbo & Charlotte Vange Løvstad

VIA university college Arhus (Denmark)

Lotte and Charlotte are both associate professors at VIA university college Arhus with Lotte specialising in social pedagogy and Charlotte in social work. In their keynote, they will discuss and explore how to handle the paradox that social distance and togetherness are both aspects of social pedagogical work. They examine this practice through the lens of a project they are researching that aims to support homeless people in their city and propose that while relationships are important, social pedagogical help should also be concerned with increasing people’s possibilities to live the life that they choose, creating learning opportunities to support their chosen journey.

Workshops, lightning talks & vlogs

Social Pedagogy and psychological safety with virtual teams
Social borders and pedagogy of togetherness for early childhood and their families during and after Covid
Coming to Save The Day: The Hero Complex in Professional Relationships
Terminal Uniqueness – colours and carrots. Bringing people together digitally (and occasionally live) to create in a pandemic
Can Zooming build togetherness?
Social Pedagogy in ECE: The LEYF approach
Share your journey with the International Journal of Social Pedagogy
Navigating Complexity with Human Learning Systems
Students' perspectives on social pedagogy


Lotte Junker Harbo
Charlotte Vange Løvstad
Cath Barton
June O’Sullivan
Mandy Cuttler
Anna Aluffi Pentini
Fabio Olivieri
Bharti Mistry
Rob Hunter
Kate McCoy
Lowis Charfe
Cecile Remy
Gabriel Eichsteller
Kelly Gittens
Yvalia Febrer
Nicole Chavaudra
Ronan Bodley

Event Details


09:30 - 15:30


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