Date: 6th October 2017
Venue: Woburn House, London WC1H 9HQ

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to present a poster around your work on social pedagogy or any of the main themes outlined below. We encourage you to submit a poster abstract proposal for our inaugural conference. Please see further information below.

A. Requirements

Our conference theme is ‘Education in its broadest sense’ which is how social pedagogy is often defined. We encourage posters from diverse projects and settings that reflect this overall theme.

Social pedagogy in the UK is often associated with more effective, relationship centred, children’s social care, based in theory and concerned with the whole child as well as caring and learning for carers and staff. Social pedagogy is an educational approach to social problems, so it is not just about meaningful and respectful relationships, important as they are. Social pedagogy is also about development of the whole person, in families, institutions and communities. It is about realising potential, often in small steps, but with wide horizons.

Submitting a poster abstract for the SPPA Team’s consideration

Please download and fill out the SPPA poster abstract submission form (Word) and send by email to the SPPA Team at no later than 15th September 2017.

You will be notified on 22nd September 2017 if your poster abstract has met the criteria.

B. Review criteria

The  will review all abstracts submitted based on the following criteria. We are interested in poster abstracts that:

  1. Clearly outline the subject of the poster, including:
    a. the problem or topic it addresses
    b. the project or work on which it is based, including a description of the methods and/or practice employed
    c. an outline any findings to be presented and how they  relate to social pedagogy theory and practice
  2. Provide an overall impression of how the poster will engage the audience, with a brief description of any visual material used, including if relevant permissions will be obtained for the use of photographs
  3. Poster size and layout
    All paper posters must be in portrait layout, preferably A0 size (841 x 1189 mm). Landscape layout is not permitted

C. Displaying your poster at the conference

We will assign you a number when we notify you that your poster abstract has been chosen.

On the day of the conference, please arrive no later than 8.30am to put up your poster before the conference starts. Let the registration desk know that you are a poster presenter so that they can point you to the right direction. The boards will be numbered so that you know where to put your poster.

The posters will be showcased where catering and networking will be held to maximise engagement with the conference attendees. Please ensure that you are near your poster during the break times of the programme to be able to explain your work and answer further questions others may have.

The judging panel will review the posters and announce the winner at the conference. The winner will receive a gift voucher and a certificate from SPPA. This will be announced later on in the day.

D. Questions and clarifications
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email to or by phone 020 7612 6954.


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