The SPDN event was hosted by Lincolnshire County Council, and held at their Myle Cross training complex in Lincoln. The programme format was similar to that used in Paisley and Brent in the previous two events, in which the content of the day becomes participant-led and thereby more closely attuned to the wishes and energy within the room. After a strong welcome kick-off by the host organisation from Sam Clayton and Maria Cowan (Principal Social Worker and Residential Homes Manager respectively), there was some frame-setting and introduction to the general purpose of SPDN, and the plan for the day. Interestingly, a good deal more than half of the 60 attendees had never attended an SPDN before so there was ‘new ground’ to explore for many. From this point onwards, Andy Carter, Melissa Desvignes, Gabriel Eichsteller and Thure Johansen guided the group through the planned day, but importantly, the group became its own experiential teacher and student. There were workshops before and after the delicious lunch offered by Lincolnshire County Council, and it was all run with a ‘world café’ style of swapping and changing groups as individuals saw fit.

The workshop themes included (not and exhaustive list):
The Learning Zone Model
SP and Arts
SP in work with older people
Social Pedagogy – What is it?
Risk (picture below)

After the workshops the group was divided into 3 and built some pretty cool junk sculptures:

Reflections and Actions: To wrap up the session and consolidate key learning, participants were asked to reflect a little over what their key learning had been, and why/where/how/when they should take it forward. They then wrote their conclusion down and placed in in a shared space.

Thanks from the SPDN organisers to all of those who came and made the day enriching and fun, and to everyone who have put in time to make it happen, not least the organising group from Lincolnshire (Jo, Chris, and Sam, left-right below).









Please note: The next SPDN is likely to be held in Blackpool in November this year, specific date is not yet finalised. Stay tuned..

Written by Thure Johansen- Treehouse Associates