Dear SPPA community,

Would you help our colleague Janos, who is looking for research participants, please?

Read his message below:


My name is Janos Szecsko and currently I study at Debrecen University Social pedagogy MSC, Hungary. I am writing my diploma theses and my aim is to compare how the social work in schools developed in the UK and in Hungary. I’d like to study the past and presence of social work of schools as well.

I am looking for those brave volunteers for an interview, who are currently working in a school as a school social worker (educational social worker) or/have worked in a school in the 90’s or earlier, or who have worked in a school in the 90’s and still stick within the field. If you think you fit in one of these categories and have some spare time please feel free to contact me, your help will be really appreciated.

If you know any specific literature about the topic, please also feel free to share with me.


Many thanks, Janos