Lockdown Social Pedagogy online gatherings and webinar series:

Black Lives Matter and Social Pedagogy 


On Friday 3rd July 2020 we had our monthly social pedagogy online gathering, the session was hosted by Robyn Kemp, SPPA Director and Yvalia Febrer, SPPA trustee. We had a small audience this time, yet we were able to have a very interesting discussion.

One of the main topics revolved around how we live and experience racism in the everyday and how racist practices get internalised and reproduced to the point that they become part of the context that we all live in.


Through the discussion, the participants talked about the importance of listening and observing more, to look for things that cannot be seen at first sight and question them.

There was a call to be more critical about how we live our lives; to look at prejudices and power imbalance relationships that lead to reproducing racist practices. Thus, there was also a call to be more open and curious and to accept that we still have much more to learn and do.


The participants also argued that not all personal experiences are the same and that the Black Lives Matter Movement and unfair practices against Black People and People of Colour need to be addressed and recognized within the historical context in which they emerged.

There was another interesting discussion about how children, since they are very young, start to notice and form ideas around race and how such ideas seem to be influenced by the media and the context they are growing up.

During the meeting, the participants also shared useful resources and, as an outcome of this gathering, we agreed to create a specific section on our website with resources to help understand racism and discrimination and how to counteract it.

Finally, we want to thank the people who attended this meeting, your insights and the information you shared are very valuable. Thank you so much!


Access BLM and Social Pedagogy resources here.