Dear SPPA members,

We would like to invite you to contribute to the SPPA Newsletter. Remember that as members you can use this space too! It is for you!

Do you have a “good news” story that you want to share with your SPPA community?

Do you have any events that you feel like SPPA may be interested in promoting?

Are you aware of any articles, blogs, webinars, or resources that you think your fellow members may be keen to see?

In these changing times, we know the value that Social Pedagogy can bring in terms of critical thinking and creative solutions to complex problems as a unique lens through which we can observe, analyse and assess the world around us. We would love to hear what role Social Pedagogy has played for you as individuals and as organisations.

We are particularly keen to hear from our organisational members in the hope we can promote the good work we know is happening.

Please email us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions by October 5th to