Inspired by the discussion about what is happening in residential children’s homes at the SPPA webinar last Friday, Claire Cameron has an opportunity to write a blog for the Institute of Education on living with lockdown. She is looking for a few practitioners who work in children’s homes and want to contribute.

The blog will be about:

Q1 – What changes have been made to everyday life since lockdown?  (e.g. staff moving in full time, cleaners and cooks going, reducing access to specialists, lack of school/work, what’s happened to contact with birth family etc.)

Q2 – How are the young people adapting? (e.g., new or better or worse relationships, new or different activities or skills taken up, adhering to social distancing and not going out)

Q3 – What kinds of ‘outcomes’ – are the young people calmer, more wrought, focused, reflective, anxious etc.

She plans to relate what is going on to some of the Social Pedagogy principles as set out in the SPPA charter. Can you help?

If so, might you write a few responses to the questions above with examples? Please email them to and/or send her your phone number so she can have a chat with you about it.

The blog won’t be hugely long but they often ask for photographs. If you have a photo that you think captures what is going on now and you have permission for it to be used publicly, do send it.

Best wishes,

Claire Cameron & the SPPA team

For more information please email Claire at