David Alfred Grimm is an experienced care social work student, a poet & a graphic facilitator. Creativity & expression of self are demonstrated in his works and talents.  During Covid-19 David decided to pull his talents together & publish his first book of poetry.

This is a small collection of written poems that I have produced during the lockdown of 2020. I have found that poetry is a wonderful tool for helping when I have felt down or saddened by the current circumstances around the world. As such I thought I would compile my poetry, covering a range of subjects from love to hate and rage to suicide. The lockdown has been extremely challenging, and I found poetry, both reading and writing it to be a very large support in my healing process. I hope my personal reflections help you when you feel sad or a little down, any feedback on my writing or the feelings that it makes you feel would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the read and may it make you feel good.

David x

Love and Hate: A poetic collection of love, fear and hate was published in 2021 and is available to purchase here.  Hear from David about his inspiration and preview one of his poems below: