Thank you so much for attending the webinar Social Justice: Responding to Social Inequalities with Social Pedagogy. Special thanks to Claire Cameron, Maria Claudia Santos Lopes de Oliveira, Lowis Charfe and Cecile Remy for their powerful and inspiring presentations. Thanks to Robyn Kemp and Thure Johansen for chairing the session and to the lovely social pedagogy community who joined us on Friday.

We are so happy to have so many people from different parts of the world interested in social justice. It was amazing to see how social pedagogy principles can connect us and guide us towards creating a more just world. This webinar helped us to reflect and be critical about our power relations in our everyday lives. We spoke about inequalities, social structures, power, empowerment, children-adult relationships and taking action. There was a great discussion during the breakout rooms and wonderful quotes emerged in the chat, like this one:

“Make sure we don’t fall into the trap of feeling that enough has been done. Ensure we keep fighting and having uncomfortable and necessary conversations with colleagues, friends and family (on a personal level) that work to help ourselves and the people we interact with to stay awake, active and accountable through periods of major social change”

We hope you enjoyed this webinar as much as we did, we are deeply grateful for your time, your passion, enthusiasm and contributions. Let’s keep working together and keep spreading the word of social pedagogy and social justice in the UK and internationally.

You can now view and download the presentations here and we will upload a video of the webinar to our YouTube channel soon.

Click here to view the Jamboard we created during the webinar or click here to add more.

Here is an edited version of the chat (names have been removed for security and data protection reasons).



Connecting with wider networks working for social justice

Cecile has started a list with names of organisations and what they are doing to support people and communities and how this links to different human rights. This information could help connect people and causes. Please have a look and feel free to add more to the list:

These are two other useful links shared via chat during the session, if you have any more resources, ideas or proposals, please do share them with us using the list or email us at

Social Pedagogy & Social Justice network

We have created a spreadsheet for you to share your contact details with other participants and start building a Social Pedagogy & Social Justice network:

Finally, we want to ask you one more thing, would you please fill in this form? This way you help us to know the social pedagogy topics that interest you the most so we can keep organising insightful events. If you have any other comments, ideas or suggestions we would love to hear from you!

We look forward to seeing you again soon! Please visit our website and keep an eye on our social media for more Social Pedagogy events and information.


Best wishes,

The SPPA team