On Friday the 18th of September, we had an amazing and fun webinar about Sir. Ken Robinson’s legacy. This event was hosted by Robyn Kemp, chair of SPPA trustees, Thure Johansen from Treehouse Associates and Gabriel Eichsteller from ThemPra. We were delighted to have a wonderful audience including some people joining us from Australia!

Thure kick-started the session with a presentation to reflect on Key Robinson’s work, we then watched a short video where Ken Robinson is interviewed by a child. This video prompted us to talk about how Ken’s ideas can be applied not only to education but also inspire a different way of embracing life based on creativity and finding who you truly are.

After this, we moved to break out rooms where we had the opportunity to discuss in small groups what the work of Ken Robinson means for us; we then came together to the general room to share our ideas with the rest of the attendees. To do this, and considering the diverse ways of expressing our thoughts, Gabriel invited us to use a creative tool called Jamboard which is a collaborative virtual board that allows writing, drawing, adding pictures, sticky notes and more, you can see and add to the one we created here.

To add even more fun to the session we were invited to take part in an online activity called Clap & Wiggle, you can read more about this other creative online activities in our Resources section, but we definitely invite you to watch the recording of the session to see how it works and to laugh a little bit.

The session concluded with a general reflection about ways in which we could take Ken’s ideas forward individually and collectively. One of the key points had to do with followings one’s interest and curiosity, in the view that this applies to everyone, from early childhood to adulthood.

We would like to thank all of you for attending this session!

If you did not have the chance to join us this time you can watch the recording of the session here. Do keep an eye on our Upcoming events section and follow us on social media to stay tuned.

All the best,

The SPPA team