SPPA is looking for new Trustees who are passionate about Social Pedagogy and are willing to be part of the growing social pedagogy community of practice.

The work of a SPPA Trustee
Unlike bigger charities where Trustees oversee the work of those employed within the
charity, we need our Trustees to take more of an active role in both overseeing and running
the charity. Our Trustees commit to 8-12 hours per month to SPPA, and most of the work is
undertaken virtually (Zoom and WhatsApp are used). This is an unpaid role.

Who we seek

We welcome applications from those who wish to be a part of developing, promoting and
growing social pedagogy in the UK and Ireland. In particular, we are looking for people to fill
knowledge and skills gaps in the current team, who can commit to the necessary hours of
work per month, and who have a practical or academic understanding of social pedagogy.
We need skills and experience in these areas:

● Fundraising & Finance
● Marketing & Communications
● Volunteer Co-ordination
● Public Policy

Key Responsibilities

Time commitment: We ask for 8-12 hours per month from each Trustee.
Trustees take on specific duties to grow the charity and share the workload. These include:
● Joining and actively participating in one or two monthly working groups.
● Attending one or two monthly meetings and undertaking associated work in the
interim weeks.
● Attending quarterly full board meetings.
● Contributing to the annual conference and other events planning.
● Attending the annual AGM.

As this is a volunteer role the recompense is not financial but it is relational, and to be a part
of a growing community of people, focused on developing our societies better for everyone.

To apply please fill in this form or use this link: https://forms.gle/HFdF6PViJMgKUceZ9